Our Firm

Founded on 1982, Mo’en Khoury & Co. - Law Firm is one of the most unique and dynamic boutique law firms in Israel and Palestine. We have invested heavily over a long period in building a high-quality full service practice competing at the top of the market. For more than thirty years we have provided a full range of legal services to a various and diverse client base, including local and foreign companies, international clients, NGO’s, ecclesiastical entities, young emerging growth companies, investor groups and individuals, in particular.

Our Office has an extensive experience and proven ability in solving the most complex issues and cases, in civil law in general, and in Property and Real Estate Law, Commercial and Corporate Law and Banking. 
Our main legal practice areas include property and land law, administrative law, charitable trusts, competition, banking, bankruptcy, commercial law & litigation, labor law, inheritance, intellectual property, international nonprofit entities, taxation and torts.

Throughout our history, a full spectrum of clients has sought out our services when looking for professionalism, service and integrity in helping them to resolve their complex and challenging problems. 

Clients select us and stay with us for our comprehensive legal skills. We hire first-rate lawyers, all of whom have the highest academic credentials from the leading universities. Our reputation for achieving results has attracted and retained high-profile local cases, demanding exceptional lawyers.

We are also selected for our good business judgment. Resolving a complex legal problem involves a multi-disciplinary legal approach as well as a thorough understanding of our client’s objectives.